Walking around town.

Mila is my companion every afternoon. Princess is the proud mom of this whirlwind of a lady. She drives me mad and she fills me with love. She is playful, loving, and as loyal as they come. She’s been with me for well over two years and it’s like the time has not passed, she rests in my lap, invades my bed, runs around like crazy when she is hungry and needless to say, she loves walking out. I walk around the block, sit at the park, read something. Maybe I’ll reply an email or two, but when we are walking it’s like having a small child who just discovered the rain, running, jumping, and giving me such a big smile of happiness. Princess is more reserved, she just walks around, observing everything and everyone. It’s like she is self-conscious about her offspring. Mila doesn’t care, she just jumps around, behind and underneath Princess.

The day is good.